M&A Advisory

Microtech Ventures is an independent investment firm delivering strategic and financial advice to grow companies in the sensors, MEMS, and microtechnology spaces. We know how to close the deal, whether it’s through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), capital raising, or strategic partnering to get results. We focus on transactions ranging from $5 million to $150 million for growth stage companies.

Transaction Services

We focus on M&A transactions ranging from $5 million to $150 million for growth stage and mature companies. We work with sell-side and buy-side clients, and our advisory services include:

  • strategy evaluation, assessment, and refinement
  • market research and intelligence
  • business assessment and valuation
  • identification of prospective buyers and conducting discussions with these parties
  • qualification of prospective buyers/sellers for adequate fit
  • preparation of teaser content to assess the initial interest
  • completion of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) by interested buyers who wish to review further
  • preparation and delivery of the confidential information memorandum (CIM)
  • management of expressions of interest (EOIs), letters of intent (LOIs), and term sheets
  • qualification of offers to ensure the maximum value and cleanest structure are achieved
  • providing negotiation of purchase and sale agreement and other deal-related agreements
  • management of the due diligence process to ensure all requirements by the buyer are met, while also conducting due diligence on the buyer
  • closing of the transaction and post-transaction support
  • facilitating discussions throughout the process

Representative Projects and Transactions

  • led a sell-side M&A engagement with a Fortune 500 company which wanted to divest one of its MEMS foundries; successfully closed the deal at 1.8x of target valuation
  • led a sell-side M&A engagement with a privately-owned company in the Midwest to divest one of its MEMS subsidiaries; secured signed term sheet at 4.5x of target valuation
  • worked with a $650 million US-based venture capital fund on deal sourcing and due diligence
  • led a sell-side M&A engagement of a European publicly traded company
  • provided advice in an acquisition of a US-based MEMS startup company in multimillion-dollar transaction
  • worked with a large Tier1 automotive supplier to identify investment and acquisition opportunities
  • worked with a large Tier1 automotive supplier to develop a database of relevant LIDAR and radar companies
  • conducted sales of MEMS facilities and fabrication equipment through our private industry network for a total of $28+ million to date (including primary and secondary brokerage)
  • identified a new MEMS-based technology and developed a business plan to establish a business unit with manufacturing capability to support this technology; this new group contributed $12 million in assembly and test revenue in the first year and continues to grow
  • consulted for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company on MEMS, sensors, and electronics sourcing strategies
  • analyzed and selected 23 MEMS and semiconductor foundries in 12 countries for fabrication of two key production steps for a sensor device which required highly unique processing steps
  • provided market research and intelligence to a $7.7 billion semiconductor and MEMS device manufacturer
  • developed market research report on MEMS gyroscopes for a large French aerospace company
  • provided monthly reports on emerging MEMS and sensor technologies in surgical applications for a large US medical device company
  • developed custom market research report on MEMS and non-MEMS switches for a US-based Fortune 500 company
  • developed market research report on tire pressure monitoring systems for a large publicly traded US-based company