About the Conference

3D micro printing is a growing field of additive manufacturing used to create microscopic components and devices. It is a type of 3D printing that creates parts with detailed, intricate features at the micron level. This technology is used to fabricate tiny, complex parts with extremely high precision. For example, medical device components, electronics, and aerospace components can be created on a smaller scale. 3D micro printing also has applications in manufacturing, allowing for the production of tiny parts for miniature engines, electronic circuits, and telecommunications components. The scale and precision of 3D micro printing enable researchers to question, manipulate, and investigate the boundaries of the field. 3D micro printing has the potential to revolutionize a variety of industries, from automotive to medical equipment. This conference focuses on the emerging 3D micro printing technologies and applications.

Conference Topics

  • Emerging 3D micro-printing techniques
  • Impacts of enabling 3D micro-printing process technologies on new and emerging applications
  • Business trends, market projections, M&A developments, and startup activity
  • Emerging materials for 3D micro-printing
  • Cost management and reduction for 3D micro-printing
  • Scaling, yield improvement, rapid prototyping, and high-volume production

Speakers and Discussion Leaders

(listed in alphabetical order, by speaker’s company name)

Gel-Based Solutions For Multi-Material 3D Fabrication at the Nano Scale
Leon Zhao, PhD
Associate Professor
Carnegie Mellon

Scalable Self-Assembly of Addressable Multi-Micron Shapes from Molecular DNA Components
William Shih, PhD
Harvard Medical School

3D Printing Micro-Scale Conductive Parts
Andreas Frölich
Managing Director and Founder
Horizon Microtechnologies

Lithography-Based Metal Micro-Manufacturing
Gerald Mitteramskogler, PhD

Integrating 3D Micro-Printing into Traditional MEMS Fabrication Processes
Doug Sparks, PhD
M2N Technologies

3D Micro Printing with Microchannel Particle Deposition
Thomas Russell
CEO and Co-Founder

4D Micro Printing: Functional Additive Manufacturing
Brittany Newell, PhD
Associate Professor
Purdue University

3D Printing of Microfluidics: Emerging Techniques, Materials, and Applications
Paul Marshall
CEO and Co-Founder
Rapid Fluidics

3D Printing of Self‐Assembling Nanofibrous Multidomain Peptide Hydrogels
Adam Farsheed
Doctoral Researcher
Rice University

DLP-Based Stereolithography for Rapid-Prototyping of Microfluidic Actuators
Ali Ahmadian Yazdi, PhD
Post-Doctoral Researcher
University of Washington


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